KPMG Ideation Challenge 2022

India/ Global

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About the Event

The KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC) is a unique experience of a lifetime, designed to stretch your limits and challenge what you think is possible. You will get to generate a new idea that could change the world, create a prototype, and then pitch it to business leaders. Along the way, you will work with KPMG member firms' data scientists, coders, business specialists, and tech gurus, who will help bring your idea to life.

This year we are challenging participants to create an advanced solution that helps an organisation/industry of your choice and the world at large with decarbonization and makes this planet a better place. Imagine you are part of a group of innovators looking to help the world grow from this experience. This is your chance to pitch your idea to a venture capitalist in the hope of obtaining funding to take your idea to market.

Here’s how you make that happen:
- Pick a client of your choice, within any industry.
- Consider your solution. This could be anything from a business concept to an activity, model, process, technology, or service that helps your client achieve and aid decarbonization.

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