Prepare to be dazzled by the mind-boggling questions the Finatic team has for you guys to solve:

•X is and has been for many centuries the financial and commercial centre of Venice. It is also known for its markets and the X Bridge across the Grand Canal.

•X is prominent in literature as well. In the Merchant of Venice, Shylock and Solanio ask the question, " What news on the X?", a rather famous Shakespearean quote.

• In 1996, while in prison, X wrote an autobiography titled Rogue Trader. A review in the New York Times stated that it was "a dreary book written by a young man very taken with himself but it ought be read by bank managers and auditors everywhere." X was responsible for the collapse of Y, London's oldest merchant bank, as X single-handedly lost millions of pounds trading on the Singapore futures market.

•Began under the name ‘Picaboo’, it was started by Xand Y for Y’s product designing class at Stanford University. Unfortunately, Y was chucked out the company and recently reached at an undisclosed settlement with the company Facebook and Google tried to acquire the company but the offers were declined. Name X, Y and the present name of the company.

•X is an American banker best known as the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Y. Fuld had held this position since the firm's 1994 spinoff from American Express until 2008 (the longest tenured CEO on Wall Street). A Jew by birth, X was commonly called the ‘Gorilla’ for his competitiveness.

•X, The founder of The Wall Street Journal made another contribution to the understanding of money by creating the Y index. ID X and Y

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